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profit from affiliate marketing: profit from affiliate marketing

profit from affiliate marketing: profit from affiliate marketing

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trading GOLD for Fun…and Profit!

Trading GOLD for Fun…and Profit!

Papa Woolsey's Guide तो

Trading GOLD for Fun…and Profit!

Step I.

Trading Gold for Fun and Profit
What follows are the "gold nuggets" that I've learned through my experiences during a very successful 40-year run buying and selling gold. Here I will share with you the knowledge I've gained and some advice to help guide you in the right direction as you embark on your journey of trading gold for fun and profit. I have used these methods to buy and sell millions of dollars worth of gold, scrap gold, and gold jewelry.

I will present you with a sound, practical, and very simple way to accumulate wealth in the scrap gold market. This is not a half-baked scheme promising to make you zillions while you sleep. In fact, with the average price of spot gold today, there is now a greater opportunity to make incredible profits from trading gold then ever before. I will give you the basic information and the techniques you need as you venture into the market. Even more important, I will show you how to maximize your profits even when the price of gold falls. I will show you how to lock in at least a 30% profit daily, on each trade, and get paid in cash! Once you have an understanding of the basics for earning this considerable profit on each trade, you will also have the ability to double your money every third trade.

If you are becoming a bit skeptical at this point, I urge you to set aside these feelings and read on. These methods do work! Not only is there an abundant supply of old gold, scrap gold, and gold jewelry, but there are also many prospective buyers in your area who are eagerly waiting to turn your gold into cash. The key question is, Where do I find all of this gold, and how can I ultimately turn it into huge profits?

Most likely, you have heard more than one person say, "I would not be caught dead in a pawn shop." This is actually the root of an incredible opportunity for you. At this very moment, there are at least several pawn shops in your area that would quickly turn your old gold into cash. If you are eager to corroborate my assertions, I invite you to do so-simply turn to your yellow pages and call a few pawn shops. Ask them if they buy scrap gold, old gold, or gold jewelry and broken chains. Also ask them how much per gram they pay for 10K and 14K gold jewelry. In taking a few minutes to inquire as to the above, you simultaneously have just found your cash buyers for all of your gold as well.

As you may have suspected already, pawn shops have made millions over time on old gold jewelry, scrap gold, and broken gold chains. I have, too! But I never owned nor have I ever operated a pawn shop. Instead, I have used these pawn shops to turn my old gold into cash. And so can you.

Once you have confirmed that you indeed do have potential buyers just waiting to trade cash for your old gold, the next step is to answer the question, How do I uncover all of this scrap gold available for purchase so that I can buy it and then resell it at a profit? Let me give you some additional information that will help you to understand the available "supply." Every year, a great many number of married couples divorce, and likely even more affianced couples break off their engagements. Why is this relevant to you? The more important questions is, What happens to all of those wedding bands and engagement rings? Many of them are sitting at the bottom of jewelry boxes all over the world-unworn, out of sight, and perhaps, out of mind. Just as important, many wedding bands are 14K gold, or almost 60% pure gold.

Let's move on to consider the next set of circumstances that can help us to gain some additional insight into the huge supply of gold in your area. Many people have broken gold chains or broken gold bracelets that, for any number of reasons, they may never have bothered to get repaired. In some cases, these broken gold jewelry items are beyond the possibility of repair, or in other cases, the repair may be too costly of an expense for the jewelry owner to bear. In other words, this makes quite a compelling argument to support what my own 40 years of successful gold trading has shown…that there is a huge supply of old, scrap gold and unused or broken gold jewelry just waiting for you to turn it into cash!

So far I have made some observations and highlighted some common circumstances that can be easily supported simply by asking a few questions and making a few calls. Contact some local pawn shops and ask them if they purchase scrap gold, old gold, and gold jewelry items or broken gold chains. Talk to people you know and find out if they do in fact have items of unwanted, unused, or broken gold jewelry that they may want to exchange for cash. Once you have accepted that there indeed is an abundance of old gold just sitting around, then you are ready for me to show you how to create unlimited profits through your own gold-trading efforts.

I will tell you how you can get paid in cash from your local pawn shops. I will talk about how you can successfully buy and sell your gold quickly, easily, and profitably. I will show you how to determine the daily values of 10K, 14K, and 18K gold. I will discuss how you can purchase your gold for 30-50% less than what you sell it for, and I will show you how you can lock in substantial profits on each of your trades, regardless of the up-and-down prices of spot gold that may change throughout a days trading. I will talk about how you can build a small, profitable part-time business or turn your gold trading into big business…it's all up to you!

Yes, there will be some time and effort required, and there is some basic information that you need in order to be successful. However, this is not brain surgery or rocket science-there is no complicated thought process on your part or intricate procedure to follow. Step by step, I will walk you through until you have the knowledge and the confidence to establish your own profitable gold-trading business. And in addition, I will offer you the prospect to become aligned as my "affiliate," which will allow you the opportunity to resell our gold-trading books online for a 50% profit.

Trading GOLD for Fun…and Profit!